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Die peyer group setzt sich für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften ein


As a company with over 100 years of history, we successfully combine economic goals with social and ecological responsibility towards people and nature. 

As a value-oriented company, we are committed to human coexistence and an environment worth living in. The Peyer Group takes responsibility for its activities. We strive for sustainable development at all levels and review and improve this step by step. In doing so, we keep an eye on the entire process chains of our products - from manufacture and processing to consumption. 

We focus our efforts on three areas of activity:

Environmentally friendly production
Smart supply chains
Sustainable innovation management

Environmentally friendly production

Environmentally friendly production

We’ve already set our course when it comes to the manufacturing process. We rely on sustainable or recycled raw materials wherever possible, and focus on environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

We consciously work with partners who share our values and have a direct influence on the ecological footprint of the products we manufacture.


Smart supply chains

Short delivery routes, sophisticated logistics, and efficient warehouses

We always seek to be close to our customers - in person, and in kilometres. Thanks to our market knowledge, we are able to optimally assess and serve their needs. This reduces transport time by many kilometres and subsequently saves energy and CO2.

We avoid multiple routes, both in procurement and delivery. The precise coordination of all those involved prevents intermediate storage and duplicate work processes.

We keep large quantities of most products in stock at all times. In combination with our in-house packaging, we are able to deliver to the precise requirements of our customers. This not only reduces waste to a minimum, but also increases processor productivity. 


Sustainable innovation management

Increased sustainability through innovation

Innovation is a central part of our efforts to run a sustainable business. With new concepts and continued product development, it is possible, for example, to dispense with outer packaging while still ensuring that the product is protected and packaged attractively. Continuous development reduces the use of materials and replaces components with more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Resources can also be saved through process chain optimisation. The focus here is on avoiding waste and reducing energy expended through optimised delivery times.


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140 years of company history also point to sustainable and responsible management.
Oliver Schibli, Group CEO

Conquering the future together

The ambition and ideas of the many people in our company, as well as our partners, form the basis of the many steps we are taking. We can improve with each and every one of them. That is why we have been sure to foster a strong sense of environmental responsibility and social development in our employees. Regular interaction with our partners ensures that we look at issues together and keep all options within view. 


Certifications, standards and norms

Our aim is to provide you with high quality materials that can be processed optimally and that have not only been produced in an environmentally friendly manner, but can be further processed using environmentally and resource-friendly practices.

Many of our areas and products are environmentally certified or exceed the minimum legal requirements. For further details, please see our individual brand websites.